Support Workers

Are you a support worker or a healthcare assistant and you're looking for a job? Are you looking to change careers into the health and social care sector? We have employers who have registered on our job board who are constantly looking for you and your uniqueness - especially your skills and talents which will benefit service users in care.

There is a high demand for support workers. Adeo will connect you with the right employer who has a group of clients you want to work with. If you haven't already signed up on our site, please go to our canditate portal page and register as a candidate. Start applying for jobs in as little as 5 minutes!

Employers, are you looking for support workers for your service? Our job board has potential employees who have registered and are looking for a job. We have potential employees from various backgrounds who are waiting to connect with you. They are waiting to work with you. If you haven't signed up on our client portal page, please do so and start posting your vacancy for free today. Your vacancy will instantly appear on our job board. Our candidates are ready to apply.