Our fees are 20% of remuneration, capped at the beginning of the project, guaranteed, no hidden charges. 


How We Protect Our Clients

For your peace of mind, we do three things that ensures you receive the highest level of service provision and quality


1. Capped Fee Structure

Many employers shudders at the sound of a recruitment agency. They have been charged ridiculous fees and the fee structure is complicated and it only serves the recruitment agency's interests.

We reverse the risk of charging high fees by sticking to the same fee which we agree upon at the onset of our agreement. This means, even if you pay the successful candidate more than the agreed remuneration fee, our fee stays the same. It doesn't change!


2. Guranteed placement or get a rebate

Sometimes, from time to time, our clients hires unsuitable candidates for the job. Even after going through a great recruitment and selection process. It happens even to the best of us. So, if that happens within the first 3 months of their employement, do not fear, we have got your back.  We will replace the candidate at no cost, for a period of up to 4 weeks. If we can't find the replacement right for you in that time, you’ll qualify for our rebate scheme.


3. Pay if you hire someone

The only way you pay us our 20% fee is if you actually offer someone a job. Occasionally, candidates for one reason or another, reject job offers, but in the event that they do, we’d love the opportunity to re-fill the role for you and you won’t be charged until the eventual hire starts working for you.